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At BAT, marketing creativity means finding strategic solutions that make every budget work like a larger one. We create inspired ideas that engage consumers and resonate so strongly they feel compelled to tell others.

Our staff boasts experience as brand marketers, importers, retail liquor store owners, formally trained bartenders, WSET-certified cork dorks, and authors of six proprietary blogs.

To put a spin on a popular phrase, it's not about us, it's about you. We believe in delivering results defined in your terms… like increases in distribution, sales on and off premise and consumer engagement.

Featured Case History

Pisco Portón

Pisco Portón: Giving Birth to a Brand…AND a Category.<more>

BAT Builds Brands

New brand looking to enter to the U.S. market? Established brand looking to accelerate growth?

You know that the same old, same old isn't going to work. You need an agency with a keen eye for the unorthodox tempered with practical street-smart execution of programs that motivate consumers to become passionate brand advocates.

At the end of the day we hold ourselves accountable for results. Whatever metrics you use, from increases in brand awareness to repeat orders at retail, we'll develop the programs that will make you look like a hero. Heard it before? Check out what we've done for these brands.

Social Media Marketing

The key strategy in social media marketing (SMM) is simple, but not easy…get your content to your target audience when they are actively interested and where they already are online. Making that happen…well, that's the hard part.

As we see it, there are two key elements:


The online world is all about connecting people with one another around subjects of mutual interest. Read more here

Online is Personal

The professors call it "mass customization." We call it smart marketing. Read more here

Trade Marketing

All the consumer communication in the world won't do any good if the product isn't on the shelf, in the bar or restaurant. So trade support is absolutely critical to a brand's success, and that's especially true for new and developing brands.

Surprisingly, trade marketing is often underleveraged which makes it a potential competitive advantage for you. And the good news is that we can help you exploit that advantage. BAT is one of the largest purchasers of media in the bev. alc. trades, and you can benefit from our leverage by getting the lowest rates and better editorial coverage of your brand. To learn more, click here


Finding a U.S. importer is the first hurdle confronting suppliers wanting to bring their brands into the American market. Brand Action Team can help.

Read more here.



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