BAT's core competency is in building brands. We deliver on that through a comprehensive suite of services including:

  • Marketing Planning and Brand Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Trade Advertising and PR
  • Digital marketing and E-commerce
  • Promotional concept development and execution
  • Helping suppliers find importers and capital for growth

And we deliver those services with a guiding philosophy that's simultaneously innovative and iconoclastic. Simply stated, we feel that if everyone else is "Zigging", it's time to "Zag".

Marketing Planning and Brand Development

The old adage "Plan your work, work your plan" has never been more relevant than today.

At Brand Action Team we specialize in crafting brand positions and go-to-market strategies that are practical, affordable, and like our name says, actionable.

To make sure we're focusing on priorities, we like to simplify the process and answer the hard questions of "In order to maximize success, what MUST we do, what SHOULD we do, and what COULD we do?"

It's a simple process, but not an easy one. In fact, perhaps the most important part is knowing what are the right questions to ask…that's were our experience comes into play. We've worked on dozens of brands and can apply the lessons learned to the unique needs of each client.

Social Media Marketing

The key strategy in social media marketing (SMM) is simple…get your content to your target audience when and where they are most receptive. Making that happen…well, that's the hard part.

As we see it, there are two key elements:

The online world is all about connecting people with one another around subjects of mutual interest. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Blogs have become so significant because they empower engagement in conversations. Effective Social Media Marketing is not about what you say, it's about generating brand engagement among your target audience and empowering them to spread the word for you.

Online is Personal
The professors call it "mass customization." We call it smart marketing. People--whether they're bloggers, site moderators or Tweeters--don't want to be fed the company line. They want to be able to access your information and will assume the freedom to interpret it from their personal point of view. Marketers who "get it", get results.

Our team of PR Managers are actively engaged in the online communities where your brands are discussed (Facebook, Twitter, community sites & forums), and are committed to staying current with new technologies and rapidly evolving tools. By authoring six blogs ourselves, we strengthen our relationship with industry bloggers by communicating on a peer-to-peer basis. Bottom line….we've got street cred.

Defining Social Media
There's a lot of confusion when it comes to social media…what it is, how it works, how marketers can participate in it and leverage it.

It's helpful to simplify the issue: think of stuff that happens on the web as conversations. And these conversations take place in four different channels. The differences in the structure of these four channels require a different marketing strategy to participate in them.

  1. Blogs: Blogs are the personal musings of an individual; one person's point of view on a subject of passionate interest. DrVino and ArtofDrink are examples in wine and spirits respectively.
  2. Sites and Forums: These are moderated conversations that take place among people with shared interests. But because they're moderated, Person "A" can't talk to person "C" without Person "B"-- the moderator-- vetting the conversation. Examples include Wine and Cocktails, BarNoneDrinks and iDrink.
  3. Social Networks: These are unmoderated conversations. There's no screening, no vetting, no Big Brother determining what's valid, correct or appropriate. Examples are Facebook and Twitter.
  4. E-commerce. OK, so it's not really a conversation per se, but it does occur on line and the "conversation" takes place in the form of commerce… shopping and product purchase. ." The significance of ecomm sites extends beyond actual sales. Frequently these sites are the places consumers go to for information prior to making a purchase in real store or bar. So it's important to have your information in the places they go when researching products. That makes it an extremely important channel.

So from a marketing perspective, it means we have to engage in the conversation differently with blogs than we would a site or forum. And social networks require a whole different strategy of engagement since one has to be invited to participate. And e-commerce requires an understanding of the technical means of transferring reams of data like UPC's, COLA's, SCC codes, bottle and label images, product reviews and ratings and the like.

Want to talk more about the theory of social media, asynchronous group forming, and why Twitter makes sense? Give Steve a call at 860-676-7900…it'll make his day.

Trade Advertising and PR

All the consumer communication in the world won't do any good if the product isn't on the shelf, in the bar or restaurant. So trade support is absolutely critical to a brand's success, and that's especially true for new and small brands.

Surprisingly, trade marketing is often underleveraged which makes it a potential competitive advantage for you. And the good news is that we can help you exploit that advantage. BAT is one of the largest purchasers of media in the bev. alc. trades, and you can benefit from our strength by getting the lowest rates and better editorial coverage of your brand.

There's more to trade marketing than just about advertising and PR. Having been brand marketers ourselves, we understand how to leverage investments in trade show booths, waitstaff education and direct marketing to retailers to deliver added value to retailers, restaurateurs and F & B managers.

Digital Marketing and Ecommerce

By digital marketing, we're talking about online advertising. But our focus is not on banner ads, but rather on the emerging tools such as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising through Facebook Fan Page Ads and Google AdWords.

We're getting conversion rates with these programs of 30-60% and using them to engage consumers and create communities of brand evangelists.

But it gets better, because these campaigns are optimized on the fly; they generate behavior-based data that functions like real time market research…quantitative research that gives us a picture of what really is motivating your prospects.

Sound interesting? Want to hear more about leveraging Facebook Insights, Google Analytics? Give us a call and we'll be happy to give you a peak into the mechanics of how we work our magic.

Market Research

The world of market research has dramatically and irrevocably changed. We all know that what people actually have done is a better indicator of future action than what they say they're going to do. And because everything that happens on the web is inherently trackable it's enabled a quantum leap forward in methodology and accuracy.

At BAT, we have been doing online market research since our founding, and now have a track record and database on issues related to beverage alcohol that gives us tremendous insights into consumer behavior.

Couple this with our skills in website analytics and it's a powerful pair of services that gives us a very accurate understanding of what consumers want, where they go for information, how they access it and use it and how marketers can capitalize on that knowledge.

Interested in finding out more…give Jeff a call and he'll fill you in on the "deets."